The Body Corporate Benefits Of Having Secure Onsite Storage

This article about benefits of secure onsite storage has been supplied by Dean Price, StoreBay Smart Storage Solutions.

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With a growing population choosing the apartment life in Australia comes the issue around storage and how to manage it.

The offsite option isn’t for everyone and really can only apply to certain items of low usage.

Strata companies and building managers have an ever increasing work load these days and the last thing on their mind is dealing with stolen or missing items within their complexes.

We were recently contacted by an agent who found after 2 years their basement car park was beginning to build up with overflow items out of their residences internal apartments.

Secure Onsite Storage

This all came about due to a lack of built in external apartment storage in development planning. This means that not only do apartment dwellers have limited storage space; they also have very few places to safely store their belongings. The issue around secure onsite storage was raised at the monthly committee meeting on what potential solution after some the caged and loose items lying around started to disappear.

The on-trend solution is Over Bonnet Storage Cabinets manufactured and installed by the team at StoreBay Australia who provide a range of fully lockable cabinets with sizes suitable for cars as well as 4WD’s.
Secure Onsite Storage

  • Storage capacity of up to 3.2 cubic meters
  • Free-standing on your car space floor
  • Stabilus Gas struts for easy opening
  • Secure Lenlok 3-way locking system
  • Height adjustable legs for most 4WD
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

The end result being the approval of the installation of Over Bonnet Storage Cabinets into this complex and the building managers get their time back from scrolling through hours of security footage and dispute resolution with tenants and the police on sentimental and valuable items going missing.