The advent of supertowers coupled with an ageing population have prompted engineers and fire officials to take a fresh look at fire safety and evacuation options for high rise fires. The World Trade Center attack has also made clear the need for some incidents to facilitate full building evacuation of … Keep Reading

All owners corporations (formerly body corporate) must keep a letterbox or a sign displaying the current contact details of the owners corporation. This must be up-to-date. Your owners corporation should: ensure that all new residents (whether owners or occupiers) get a copy of the rules develop a policy on how … Keep Reading

Owners corporations (formerly body corporate) can make rules for: health, safety and security use of common property use of and works to lots design of lots management and administration behaviour of persons vehicles and parking committees and sub-committees. Rules can also cover: dispute resolution notices and documents the common seal. … Keep Reading

Our cities are getting taller. Today there are more than 250 million elevators in use worldwide. So what are some of the vertical transportation trends and technologies helping designers reach new heights? Technology A potential game-change is ThyssenKrupp’s cable-free elevator system.  The MULTI technology places linear motors in elevator cabins, allowing multiple … Keep Reading

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