The Australian Building Regulations 2006 requires the installation and maintenance of various Essential Services to be kept at operational level throughout the life of a building. A major part of this legislation pertains to fire safety within a property.

Under the Building Code of Australia, any, commercial, strata titled or tenanted property must meet the Australian Standard 3786-1993 and 1851-2005 in regard to fire integrity within a building. This involves the installation and maintenance of regulatory standard fire alarms, with periodical inspections and checks in accordance with an Australian Standard to be recorded in the form of an annual ‘essential safety measures report’.

Love Owners Corporation understands that when it comes to safety, fire security is not simply an issue of asset protection; it is a duty of care to occupants and tenants. We work closely with an experienced and qualified fire safety services team to establish fire integrity within your building and to maintain compliancy with the various legislative acts and codes that govern it. We will customise a cost-effective safety service plan for your specific property to ensure that you and your building are compliant with your legal obligations and duty of care.

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