Winner Small Strata Business of the year 2014

At Love Owners Corporation we provide strata community solutions. Our team of experienced owners corporation managers are committed to ensuring one of your most important assets, is in the best hands.

Why Love’s Owner Corporation

Customised Love. A family business with a family focus; we provide our clients and their properties with the same level of care, personal attention and investment as we would our own. We identify the difference between a house and your home, and endeavour to humanise the corporate side of home owning. After all, your property is our priority and we are more than management and maintenance. We plan and create enhanced community living.

What we can do for you?

With sixty years of experience in the property industry behind us, it's easy to see that we have a comprehensive understanding of every facet within your development. We will appoint an experienced owners corporation manager, along with a team of highly trained staff, to see to every detail of your property. What we can do for you is maintain the highest possible standard of building care and management, while endeavouring to keep your community in perfect harmony.

Duties of an Owners Corporation

The primary function of an owners corporation is to manage, administer and maintain the common property in a subdivision lot in accordance with the Owners Corporation Act 2006. In satisfying all legal obligations, an owners corporation and its members is responsible for a range of ongoing duties, including but not limited to, general maintenance of land and buildings, insurance and finance management and administering action to ensure compliance with regulations, rules and by-laws.