A safe, secure property is not only imperative for optimising your asset value, it is vital for enhancing positive community living and dynamic commercial office areas. A building, like any home, requires regular upkeep and long-term commitment to bring it to a superlative standard.

Love Owners Corporation tailors personal maintenance plans fitted specifically to your property to ensure that your property receives adequate and comprehensive attention where it is needed. Regular and diligent maintenance prevents small issues from becoming large, expensive ones.

With the approval of owners corporation members, your owners corporation manager, backed by our professional and qualified team, will construct a maintenance plan for you that will offer the following:

  • A full maintenance assessment of the property.
  • Immediate action of any issues that need attention regarding your property.
  • Regular routine maintenance.
  • A 24-hour emergency line.

Furthermore, all maintenance requests can be lodged easily, and processed quickly, through our online portal, ensuring swift and efficient action regarding any issues.

We only work with proven qualified contractors and tradespeople, and work closely with our team to ensure a high quality of work. Love Owners Corporation boasts a network of long-standing relationships with expert contractors and tradespeople in all areas of building and maintenance. This means we have the capacity to select a dedicated maintenance team with the relevant expertise to your maintenance issues. We are also more than happy to engage your preferred tradespersons upon request.