We at Love Owners Corporation understand the importance of efficient and practical organisation. For this reason we have instituted a secretarial system that is second to none in terms of staff training and state of the art technology. In addition to this, our offices are fitted with boardroom facilities to accommodate owners corporation meetings, allowing clients full use of our in-house administration department. All roles, registers, assets, plans and regulations are available upon request for inspection.

The following are areas that will be handled by our secretarial and administrative services:

  • Administration and preparation of statutory requirements.
  • Preparation and lodgement of taxation returns, business activity statements and instalment activity statements.
  • Australian Business Number requirements.
  • Preparation and lodgement of ASIC returns for Stratum Estate Service companies and company share units
  • Bank Accounts and Trust Funds.
  • Levy notices, payments, and levies in arrears.
  • Preparing and distributing notices and committee notices for the elected number of meetings per year.
  • Convening and conducting all Committee Meetings and Ballots.
  • Convening and conducting all Special General Meetings.
  • Preparing and circulating minutes of all meetings to owners.
  • Preparation of Circulars.
  • Correspondence on the behalf of the owners Corporation.
  • Maintainance of the owners Corporation Roles and Register.
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations regarding the use of common property.
  • Recording of plans, assets, rules and regulations.
  • Affix the seal to any deed, instrument or document only in accordance with regulation 311 of the Subdivision (Body Corporate) Regulations 2001.